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Peace in Truth - Foot of the Cross (encore)

I'm sure every Christian understands the commandment "love thy neighbor" and all that that entails, but the question is, how?  The Bible tells us that it is easy to love those who are good to us, aka our friends, but if we love only those who love us, what merit is there in that for us?  Jesus had good friends, they were his closest followers.  He traveled from town to town giving people a new way to live. Many people loved to listen to him preach and they loved his message even more.  It is safe to say that he enjoyed great popularity (by our standards) for some time.  His 12 closest friends loved Jesus so much that they were even willing to give up their lives to follow him!  I wonder how many of our friends would do the same for you, or you for them?  But at the end of the day, when Jesus was persecuted and betrayed and ultimately lifted high on the cross, who was there for him?  For all his great popularity, the Bible recognizes only 3 faithful women and one courageou