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Don't Worry...Be Happy!

In the summer time I like to participate in a lot of different outdoor activities.  During the winter I usually go to the gym and do pretty much the same routine, but in the summer, well that's when things begin to change!  I will do almost anything outdoors, walk, run, play tennis, swim, boat, hike, bike ride, well, you get the picture...I've really been enjoying this summer, why? The other day I was sitting outside watching my son play soccer in the front yard and it dawned on me.  I have been home for two whole summers!  Wow!  It was amazing to think that, especially since I have worked my whole teen and adult life.  I thought, "who am I that I get to have this incredible luxury?"  That's what it is you know?  Some people would look at being off of work as a punishment or curse from God, but me, I look at it like it is a blessing!  Never in my life have I EVER been able to just sit on the porch and watch my kids play in the yard.  They are teenagers now, but