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Honk if you're a "Bad" Mother!

The other night I was going through some old photos.  Some time ago I compiled a collection of pictures of each of my children.  The hope was that I would be like one of those "good" mothers and put them in a fancy scrapbook with neat little sayings and cute little stickers.  But apparently I'm not one of those "good" moms.  In fact, this morning while we were all out to breakfast after church I picked up this little book to browse through with my family while we were eating.  The title read: "Why I Love My Son".  It had all these really touchy-feely sayings on different pages from various moms to their sons.  At first I thought, "how cute, maybe this will be a good way to tell me sons how I feel about them," then I read the third quote out loud:  "I love you son because I can trust you to always make good choices and the right decisions....." I looked up from the book at my 2 teenage boys and exclaimed, "this is stupid, appare