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We Are Our Brother's Keeper

People might wonder why a person would want to blog about something.  Today, with all the instant communications available such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., you might ask, "can't  you just say what you want to say in a sentence or two?"  After all, nobody wants to take the time to read all that stuff anyways.  To them I say, grab a chair.  Today I heard about another sad situation where a young man went on a stabbing spree at his high school.  Now, you may think I'm totally crazy here, but I really feel sorry for this kid.  Of course I feel more sorrow and unbelievable pain for the victims families, I can't help but really feel for this kid.  Every time I hear about these school sprees (and believe me I am awe struck at their frequency), I find myself heartbroken for the one who is so angry, so hurt, so misunderstood that he feels compelled to harm others.   I feel for his parents as well.  I wonder what must have happened in the child's life t