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Why Do Moms Do That?

My son said to me last week after sleeping over a friends house, "thanks for ruining my night?"  Why did I ruin your night, I asked?  "Because I kept looking at my phone wondering why you weren't calling me every half-hour, I thought something was wrong," he said.  When I told him that dad and I were out all night he said, "well that explains it."   It was really kind of funny.  He would yell at me for calling him all the time when he was out with his friends, but when I didn't call him, he got mad at me because he was worried all night.  I told him that the time for him to worry is when I never call him anymore, than that means I just don't care.  But I do care.  I can't help it.  I'm not obsessive but I do want to know where my kids the best I can figure it out.  It is sort of cute that they have been conditioned to know "mom cares."  That even when I am not there to call them they notice.   Of course, my k