Why Do Moms Do That?

My son said to me last week after sleeping over a friends house, "thanks for ruining my night?"  Why did I ruin your night, I asked?  "Because I kept looking at my phone wondering why you weren't calling me every half-hour, I thought something was wrong," he said.  When I told him that dad and I were out all night he said, "well that explains it."  

It was really kind of funny.  He would yell at me for calling him all the time when he was out with his friends, but when I didn't call him, he got mad at me because he was worried all night.  I told him that the time for him to worry is when I never call him anymore, than that means I just don't care.  But I do care.  I can't help it.  I'm not obsessive but I do want to know where my kids are...to the best I can figure it out.  It is sort of cute that they have been conditioned to know "mom cares."  That even when I am not there to call them they notice.  

Of course, my kids think I'm nuts, and their friends think I'm nuts too.  Last night when my son and his friend went to stay the night at another friend's house, I called them around 11 pm.  I heard a cute little voice in the background that sounded like John's girlfriend.  I said, "who is that talking in the background, is that your girlfriend."  No, that is so-and-so's 4 year old nephew," he replied.  His friends, who know how I am, handed the phone right over to the 4 year old, "say hello to Mrs. Colovas, Cody?"  I had to laugh.  Then they all wished me a Happy Mother's Day.  

John and his friends have come to accept my curiosity, more importantly, they have come to appreciate it.  They all know that I care for each of them and that I want to keep them safe.  What they used to hate and complain about me, now they appreciate and even miss from time to time.  I want my kids (and all kids) to know that someone loves them.  If parents don't tell their kids the truth, if we don't hold them to higher standards, then who will?  We have to start telling our kids the Truth!  Many of their peers, media, and other strangers will tell your kids lie after lie, drugs won't hurt you, everyone is having sex, drinking is fine, you might be the ONLY one who speaks truth with love to your child.  Don't miss the opportunity!  If you don't show them that you love them, then someone else will!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you awesome MOMS!

PS I want to just take this opportunity to tell you how incredible everyone has been with donating items for our June mission trip to El Salvador.  As you may know, I am taking a group of 10 from Twinsburg High School to ES to renovate a really bad school.  A special shout out goes to:

Twinsburg High School:      for donating over 800 units of school supplies
Jan and Tony Gusich:         for donating book bags
Sherwin Williams:              for donating all the paint supplies
Peace Pacers Charity:        for donating 100+ units of soccer uniforms and equipment

Also, I am having my annual charity golf event "NINE, WINE & DINE" on Friday evening, July 20th at Gleneagles.  The wine is courtesy of The Swirl in Solon.  There are only 50 spots for this event so email me early to reserve yours.  Also, I am accepting gift cards and other items for donation, so please email me at: jdcolovas@aol.com if you are feeling charitable and would like to donate that gift card you probably won't use to a great and worthy cause.  

Peace and thank you!


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