Givers and Takers

I've learned a lot about people and myself over the years, one of the most interesting observations I have made is realizing that there are really only two kinds of people in this world...givers and takers.  That's right, there are those who feel compelled to give and others who are obsessed with taking.  Granted, they may not know this about themselves but in the end we know who they are.  We learn this when we have been taken for granted or when we find ourselves isolated and alone because people start to avoid us. 

I believe there is good in everyone and that if people really knew the effects of their behavior they would stop the behavior.  How do we know if we are a giver or a taker?  It's easy, look at your life.  Do find that people don't call you anymore or don't want to work with you, or do you spend every opportunity thinking about how you can make someone else happy or better off?  If you are the ladder, you are a giver, if you are the former, you're probably a taker. 

Takers take without you knowing it.  They fight every battle to the death.  They want to be right, to win!  Have you ever known a person like this?  They tell you what route you should take to get to your destination location, they tell you what to eat or how to excersize, if you say "I like the blue dress" they say "take the brown one."  These are "little" ways they take but they can really add up over time.  All this battle for control leaves the others feeling worthless and useless.  Why would we want someone we care about to feel worthless?  It doesn't make sense.  Shouldn't we try to encourage our brothers and sisters?  I have known people who are so out of control that they would even argue with an expert on how to accomplish a task!  Surely an expert should be given first consideration, no? 

Takers also want you to feel sorry for them. This is BIG!  They try to manipulate you when they are truly not smart enough to beat you.  They tell you their problems, struggles, and even try to emotionally control you.  This is all so that you can continue to do what they ask. 

Be careful people, recognize who has control in your life and try to remember that you are only required to submit to one person...Jesus!  Anyone else who tries to get you to do what THEY want is playing God!


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