Everyday Miracles

Dear Readers,

I have many friends who struggle to see God working within their life.  They ask, even beg for signs, run from one prayer group to another seeking the miraculous.  Sometimes I sit back and just watch the frustration.  Still, for me I see miracles...actual miracles everyday right before my eyes!  I know these miracles are not for me alone and that others can see them too if they just stopped to look. 

I would like to share one that happened to me a few years ago and then another that happened just the other day.  About 5 years ago a good friend of mine yelled at me enough to convince me to go and get an annual mammogram (I had never had one before that).  So a few days after my 40th birthday I went in for a routine exam, exept it wasn't routine.  They asked me to wait a while and then they took more intense x-rays and asked me to sit and wait again.  I started to get suspicious when they told me to get dressed and that the doctor wanted to speak to me.  So I did.  She called me into her office and showed me the x-ray.  Sure enough there was a large solid black mass, about the size of a tennis ball on the film.   They told me to go home and that my regular OBGYN would call me in a few hours.  I was petrified!  So instead of going straight home I stopped by the chapel at St. Rita and prayed.  I spoke to our Mother and told her that I could not believe she would want me to have cancer but I did not ask her to remove it either.  I simply said that if Jesus wanted my boys to have a Mother who has to battle cancer that I would exept it but that I would be very sad to see them so sad. 

My procedure was scheduled for the day after New Year's Day to remove the lump.  I asked why they just didn't do a biopsy and my doctor told me that she can tell when a lump is invasive and when it is questionable so she told me it had to be removed.  Period.  The day I went in, they prepared me for surgery and began to do another ultrasound to determine exactly where the lump was located.  The new doctor looked and looked.  Finally she said to the nurse, "where is this woman's lump?"  The nurse went back to the office and pulled the x-ray from the few weeks earlier and put it up under the lamp.  As big as day you can see this large mass.  Then the doctor then put another slide up that she had just taken moment before my scheduled surgery, and nothing!  It was completely gone!  The doctor seemed a little mad at me and shouted, "well go and get dressed, I've never sent a woman home who lying on the table!"  She almost sounded disappointed! 

Anyhow, my regular doctor, who is originally from India called me the next day and I asked her, "how do you explain this?"  She simply said, "I can not explain it.  All I know is that yesterday you had cancer and today you do not."  I knew what happened but I wanted to hear her explanation.  Our Mother spared my life for a while, but I felt ever more compelled to do all that I could for God and our Church.  I was so grateful and so on fire at the same time! 

Recently, I met a friend who I have not seen in 35 years.  We met for coffee and to talk about our business but we never quite got on that subject.  We spent the whole time talking about our faith.  I realized that he was passionate and destined to God's work, and after he went on about everything he thought was wrong with the church I just told him, "You have to be the change you want to see.  If you cant do it, no one can."  I think he finally got it!  A few weeks later he sent me an email about a job available in the Catholic Church.  That very day I was having lunch with the man who was hiring for that job!  I told him about my friend and he asked me to have him send him his resume.  Two days later my friend sent in his resume and received a call.  He is now waiting for an interview for a job I'm sure he is destined to have.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Miracles!  I'm sure if you truly believed, you'd see these same miracles in your own life.  Stop looking in the wrong places.  You dont have to be in any particular place for God to find you. 


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