A Friend in Need is a Friend in Deed!

I had lunch with a really good friend of mine.  She is one of those people you can call while on your way to someplace and say, "hey, can you meet me at such and such, I want to get a cup of coffee?"  And she will be there!  I have another good friend, the best really, he does EVERYTHING for me and my family.  He is very handy and super generous.  He has remodeled our bathroom, painted like 5 rooms, built our deck, yada yada.  Basically, he works for food.  He will come over on his day off during the week just to get away and "relax" with the Colovas', which I could never understand how those two words can cross paths, relax and Colovas'.

My family has become so comfortable with our friend that the other day it was really funny, my son came down stairs and said, "when is Fr. John coming over, my bike is broken and I can't go anywhere?"  So I called him and invited him over for some delicious barbecue ribs and corn on the cob.  I called my husband and said, "Fr. John is coming over for dinner and to fix Johnny's bike."  Dean said, "ask him to fix the air conditioner that's leaking too!"
Which he did.

How can one person be so lucky?  I have a great family that I enjoy, I have wonderful, thoughtful, and kindhearted friends, and I have the joy of my faith.  Why does God seem to give everything to some while others seems so unhappy?  Is it just their perception?  I believe perception is 90% of the problem.  Some see the glass half empty while other see it half full.  I see my glass almost completely full!  There is nothing more that I want or need, and if there is, I have no problem waiting for it.  Waiting for things is a lost art.  I was at another friends house this past weekend and they showed me their "new" basement.  It had a theatre size TV screen, leather couches, a concrete bar that sported fiber optic lights, a fish tank in the wall, etc.  This couple has 4 kids and they are about 5 years younger than me, and neither of them is working!  I thought, wow, I could not possibly ever have all this in a million years, and my husband is a lawyer and I've worked good jobs my whole life!

But they must see life as something you seize for the day, while I tend to live for tomorrow.  They don't see the need to wait for what they want (in a way I really admire them!)  I think if I had all that they had I would feel guilty, especially knowing the kind of poverty I have seen in El Salvador over the years.  I really don't think my heart would be open to those kinds of luxuries.  On the other hand, if you saw my house you might say the same about me.  I have a lovely home with freshly painted walls and a nice deck (thanks to Fr. John!), granite counter tops and much more.  I just don't have a decked out basement.  So, how can I think that what my friend does is extravagant but I what I do isn't?  See, it's all in how we look at things.

I'm just happy/lucky that God has provided me with ALL that I have!  But mostly I'm happy for my great family and friends....at least that's how I see it!



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