My Favorite Things....

Oprah Winfrey does a show every year where she introduces all of her favorite things (gifts and gadgets) that she loves.  The purpose of the show is to sell the products or items that she has been given throughout the year.  If she likes your product it is included on the show.  At the end of the show she usually announces that everyone in the audience will receive all of the products that were highlighted on that show.  It is met with an overwhelming applause and great appreciation.

I also have a list of my favorite things to give this Christmas time and I would like to share that list with you today.  So here it goes, Joyce's Top 10 Presents to Give this Christmas:

10.  A surprise gift!  It can be anything, but don't tell them you are getting them a gift, just go out and buy them something they might have always wanted without expecting anything in return.

9.  A gas card and a grocery store gift card.  Buy one of each and put them into a Christmas card and then into a needy neighbor or friend's mailbox.  They will flip!  Remember to sign it, From Kris Kringle.

8.  A Honey Baked Ham.  This can be the real deal or a gift certificate.  Deliver it to a family whose parents have been out of work.  If they have to make dinner for Christmas it will be a BIG relief on the family budget.  They don't have to be poor, just down on their luck right now.

7.  A spouse spa day.  At some point after the holiday's, surprise your wife with a gift certificate to a local spa for a day of relaxation.  Dean, if your reading this, this would be big brownie points!

6.  A do-it-yourself-day.  If you have a friend who has been sick or overwhelmed, why don't you write her a nice note in a Christmas card that promises that you will come over and clean her house.  It is a fabulous gift that won't cost you a cent!

5.  Deck the Halls.  Put up pictures of your kids in every room, include their old drawings and art projects from when they were little.  When they come home from school they will be floored!

4.  Plan a mission trip.  Everyone knows I do mission trips to El Salvador.  Think about setting aside a week next year to visit a third world country.  It's not just for Hollywood movie stars you know.  It will give you something to look forward to all year and when it's over you'll have a whole new outlook on life.  I promise.

3.  Get carried away.  Let someone do something wonderful for you!  It's easy to think that we must always be in control and do for others, but it is truly humbling to ALLOW someone to do something for you.  (I admit I have trouble with this one.)

2.  Take a class.  It's never to late to learn.  Spend some time this year studying something you always wanted to learn, like a language or cooking class, or even more important, study the Bible this year!

And the number 1 gift to give this year.......are you ready for this......

Here it goes.......

You're gonna love it.......


God gave you life for a reason, now what are you going to do with it??

Don't sell yourself short, you are a gift to this world, maybe it's time you shared it?

Peace of Christ be with you all this Christmas season.  May you truly come to know the real meaning of Christmas in 2011. 



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