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So, my 16 year old son, Nicholas, finally earned his driver's license!  Believe me when I tell you he "earned" it.  I have always felt a little bit sorry for my kids because they have me for their mother, and here is a good example of why.....

Six months ago my son wanted me to take to him to get his driving temps.  Since I have a more flexible schedule I told him when I got back from my trip to Florida that I would take him.  So the very next day after I got home Nick came home from school and said, "ok, let's go!"  So without further ado we jumped into the car, drove out to Mayfield, and went after a temporary license.  Nick had studied hard and was anxious to take the written test but when we got up to the counter to pay, etc. the clerk asked me for my driver's...uh, MY license, um, let's see, I know it's here somewhere...just give me a minute.  Needless to say, I remembered that I had left it in my purse I took to Florida!  Smoke was coming out of Nick's ears but he restrained himself.  We were turned away.  A few days later, with my wallet in hand, Nick passed the written test.  Phew.

Then it came time to schedule the actual driving test.  The first time he flunked (sorry Nick), the second time we had a major snow storm and had to cancel, after all, three is a charm, right?  Not for me it isn't!  We went back to Mayfield to take the test and on our way there I joked with Nick, "so, how mad would you be if I forget my license again?"  "Pretty ticked off!" he replied.   So we pull up to the cones where he was about to take the menueverability test and all of a sudden the instructor calls me over, "excuse me ma'am, but I can not let him take the test today," he said.  "Why the h-e-double toothpicks not (I wanted to say)?"  "Are you aware that your license plates expired 3 months ago?"  I wanted to scream!

Embarrassed, I slithered into the driver's seat and began to drive my poor, dejected son home once again.  We sat in silence for a while but I could see he was furious.  Nick has a way of being able to bite his tongue. So I broke the silence and said the stupidest thing I could have said, "well, you didn't seem that interested in getting your license anyway."  Nick hit the roof.  "Are you kidding me?  You screw everything up.  First you forget your driver's license, you mess up our appointments and now you have plates that expired 3 months ago, you better get your shit together!  It was so funny that as soon as I looked at him he both busted out laughing.  If you know Nick, you know he does not explode too often.  He is so laid back.

That's not the end of the story.  So on our way home we turned down a street close to our house and all of a sudden the flashers are in my rearview mirror.  "What the h-e-double hocky sticks," I said again.  The police officer approaches my window and says, "do you know you are a hard person to get a hold of?"  "Why are you looking for me?" I replied.  Then he begins to tell me my plates expired 3 months ago...yada yada.  I tell him what just happened, yada yada.  He goes back to his car and I turn to Nick and say, "you know he's not going to give me a ticket."  Nick was still fuming and exclaimed that if he didn't give me a ticket he's an idiot.

I didn't get a ticket.

The moral of this story?

Don't expect your kids to be perfect unless you are perfect.  Oh, and girls hate to take care of their cars or anything having to do with cars.

If you are wondering if/when he finally got the license.  A week later I took him to the Garfield location (we got their an hour early because I messed up on the time) and he passed with flying colors!  CONGRATULATIONS NICHOLAS!  I'm proud of you!  Now where did I put my keys???


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